Justin Meyer Writing Samples & Links

I’ve been publishing on the internet for more than 10 years and don’t know how many articles of mine exist in the ether. But I do know about some of them. Please enjoy this handful of Justin Meyer’s greatest hits, organized by type.

Justin Meyer Writing Samples & Links

Sports Reporting & Writing

I dove deep into the 1969-70 Florida State men’s basketball team, a group unheralded for their impact in breaking barriers in college basketball.

I’ve never played a second of lacrosse in my life, but I attended the 2018 Aleš Hřebeský Memorial in Prague and felt the heartbeat of a community that crosses borders and oceans.

The face of the new generation of basketball broadcasters, Robbie Hummel explained to me how picking up the microphone helped him handle the hurt of an injury-stunted playing career.

I wrote a personal essay describing the joy of introducing soccer to my girlfriend’s grandfather – a man who previously chuckled at the idea of anyone enjoying the sport – and what it means for the future of soccer in America.

In the heat of 2020, I spoke in-depth with college basketball player C.J. Wilcher about race in America.

The New York Giants clinched their first playoff spot since the infamous boat picture, and from nowhere considering preseason expectations. How did they do it?

A self-explanatory post, this is one of the many long-form blog posts I’ve written that dives deep into an evergreen topic that will bear traffic fruit for years and years to come.

B2B & B2C Marketing

I have written all copy for fanpower.io, the B2B marketing website for sports fan engagement startup FanPower. This includes all case studies, calls-to-action, the company’s white paper, and more.

I’m responsible for more than two years worth of blog posts and B2C marketing content for The Popular Flamingo, an online flamingo products brand. My work has brought tens of thousands of visitors to the site, massively improved the site’s SEO, and successfully converted thousands in sales. Below you’ll find a small selection of some samples, or you can find all content I’ve produced here.

Where to Buy Flamingo Products? The Popular Flamingo!

The How & Why of White Flamingos

Is Flamingo Poop Pink?

How Conchy the Flamingo Made History


I have ghostwritten many stories, primarily for athletes, elevating personal brands and allowing voices to be heard in ways that open to a wider audience.

Press Releases

I have written my fair share of press releases, both while as editor-in-chief of websites past and currently for Canadian music publicist Eric Alper. You’ll find a selection of releases I wrote for him below.


Everybody you have ever known, currently know, and will ever know in the future will die, and so will you. Life is, generally, excruiating. The least we can do is laugh about it.

When the pandemic hit and March Madness was cancelled, I was devastated – not only because the annual event that brings me so much joy was gone, but also because I had a lot of content around it for my basketball website at the time, Nothing But Nylon, planned out. So, I pivoted to produce satirical coverage of Reddit March Madness, a simulated version of the tournament via an old college basketball video game. It reached thousands of readers and did better than my serious coverage of the actual tournament probably would have done. You can find the series in whole here.

That experienced inspired me to continue producing satire to massage that corner of my brain.

Feature photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

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